100% of proceeds given to
24/7 pro-life nurse chat

When you purchase anything from Heritage House, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to sponsor the 24/7 Pro-Life Nurse Chat Line through Infinite Worth.


Embracing Lives

Reaching Her First with the message of Infinite Worth

Women in unexpected pregnancies need immediate information and support. Our 24-hour nurse chat-line provides love and truth in the moment they need it most. The connection created is transferred to our local partners to help them continue their decision for life in a supportive environment.

Heritage House offers a selection of valuable pro-life merchandise that can be utilized to guide women on their journey through unexpected pregnancies. From informative parenting brochures to baby models, each pro-life product contributes to fostering a compassionate and informed decision-making process, nurturing the sanctity of life at every step. 


1,000,000 Hours

Heritage House sponsored nurses provide over 1,000,000 hours of coverage for centers across the nation.


10 Assisted Saves a Day

Each day, Heritage House sponsors nurses that help save 10 babies and support up to 50 women in their moment of need.


159 Locations

Heritage House sponsored nurses cover 159 different locations across the US - and add 10-15 more each week!


Here’s how your purchase is making a difference:


From the beginning

All Heritage House products are designed to have the largest impact in saving and changing lives, from design, wording and format.

Proceeds = nurses

100% of the proceeds from the pro-life products are used to sponsor nurses to work with abortion-vulnerable women across the country.

Pregnancy center partners

Sponsored nurses work with partner pregnancy centers to provide coverage when they are not open to allow late-night clients real-time responses.

Offering a Second Chance to Save a Pregnancy

Discover the hope of Abortion Pill Reversal


We’ve all seen the devastation that has come from abortion pill availability, and we had to respond.

Our pro-life merchandise collection includes literature, cards, brochures, and more, providing essential information for women who have considered this option. Together, we empower women to make informed choices for life.

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Make a statement, raise awareness,
& make a difference.

Explore our pro-life products and let your voice be heard through thoughtfully designed merchandise that not only makes a statement but also raises awareness about the sanctity of life.


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Featured pro-life merchandise

Bulk Bottles

Cherish life with our pro-life-themed bottles, carrying a powerful message of love and support.


Fetal Models

Discover intricate fetal models, symbolizing the beauty and significance of every life.


Pro-Life T-Shirts

Show your support for life with our expressive shirts, spreading a message of love and care.


Bulk Pregnancy Tests

Offer reliable bulk pregnancy tests for informed decisions in crucial moments.