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Foundational Blessings

Embarking on the journey of launching a new center can be an exhilarating yet challenging venture, especially when faced with the myriad of initial expenses that seem to emerge from every direction. At Heritage House, we understand these hurdles and are committed to supporting you right from the start. Our Foundation Blessings Program is designed to ease this transition, offering substantial support in the form of resources valued at thousands of dollars, all without any obligations.

Foundational Blessings Program

To help you be successful in your first year, we offer 75% discounts off of our valuable client communication and client education systems. Plus, we will send you free resources like Pregnancy Tests to get started on your mission today.


Reaching Her First

Heritage House has developed the leading platform for client communications that allows real-time HIPAA compliant texting. Starting with a powerful widget that shows on your site and hundreds of short videos that can be sent via text, our system revolutionaries client communications. It combines donor communications and texting in the same system at no additional cost. For those in the Foundational Blessings Program, we reduce the cost 75% for your first year so that you can start talking to clients and donors today.

Reaching Your Clients With Education

Helping clients reach their full parenting potential is the foundation of walking alongside your clients after they choose life. BrightCourse, the leading educational program for Pregnancy Centers, has over 350 lessons to address your client's specific needs. For those in the Foundational Blessings Program, the costs is reduced by 75% for your first year. You receive all the tools and all the features, but you only pay 1/4 the regular price.

Foundational Blessing Program

Benefits & Requirements



75% Off HopeSync Client and Donor Communication System



75% Off BrightCourse and the 350 Lessons to watch in-house or text to clients.



Receive hundreds of dollars in supplies like pregnancy tests.


New Clinics

FBP members must be open less than 6 months (or opening in the future)


Tools in Use

Both BrightCourse & HopeSync put in use within 3 months of acceptance.


Affirm Life

All FBP members must affirm life and not refer or perform abortions.

Foundational Blessing Program